‘So homewards and to the Cross Keys at Cripplegate, where I find all the towne almost going out of towne, the coaches and waggons being all full of people going into the country.’

Pepys Diary Wednesday 21st June 1665
A weekly journal following on from the daily journal: 21 March - 12 June 2020

Told by different voices in different places.

A continuing record of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Each new week's posts will be online by 10am on Sundays - from Sunday 21st June
Contributions welcome via the Contact page - by 3pm each Friday.


Margaret (Norfolk)

The daily diary can still be found at Plague20 Archive (first 6 weeks) and Plague20 Archive2 (second 6 weeks)

Banner image created by Sheila using works by Mark Hearld and an apple woodcut from Coolclips

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