When we started the journal in March, I stated that it was to be ‘the record of twelve weeks of self isolation, social distancing, lockdown.’

Well, on Friday 12th June the journal reached that milestone, and the twelve weeks’ worth of daily entries are now archived. Those pages can still be found if you follow the links on the home page of this site.


Over that twelve weeks nearly one hundred different contributors voiced their concerns, opinions, observations, hopes. By the last few weeks, forty or so writers remained as the core contributors, some writing daily, or every other day, weekly, or occasionally. Something of an online community emerged, always ready to welcome someone new, but growing increasingly aware of their long term fellow contributors and interested in their welfare and their stories.

The stories didn’t end on June 12th. (Stories never do end really; tellers and writers give shape to them by imposing endings.)


This WEEKLY journal is a forum for those stories to continue, because the big story we started with - the pandemic - hasn’t gone away. Life has, in fact, got rather more complex as the world struggles to shake it off and emerge from lockdown. So, let’s carry on writing, recording our response to the changes, recording what’s happening around us, telling each other and our many readers what it’s like where we are.


The story continues...


Margaret, Norfolk, June 19th 2020